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Florence, Italy

A deli in Florence Italy.

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Watch some of our Recent "Ants in Your Pants" episodes 

Monster Meatloaf Episode

Slippery Slimmy Snake Episode

Ants on a Log Episode


Hosted by Victoria Ofria

Ants in Your Pants helps to educate parents and children in the ways of healthy cooking and eating. Victoria and Francesca will prepare a variety of dishes while discussing the proper aspects of nutrition. Each episode is based on a theme. For example, on recent shows Vicky has prepared foods with tuna, rice, and corn as well as other ingredients. Ants in Your Pants recently won an award again in the Regional Video Festival for outstanding Children's Programming.

The purpose of Ants in Your Pants was to help children, as well as adults, become aware of different food choices and to help children understand that they have some control when choosing foods that go into their mouths. The show helps children understand that there is a connection between what goes in and how they feel, how well they think, and how they play.  All this is connected to the foods that eat. Even adults go through a day unaware of what is contained in the food they eat. It can be mind numbing.

So the show benefits both adults and children by getting them to think and learn where food comes from, how to prepare it and what benefits it has for their bodies if they make healthy choices.  I realize it takes a long time to learn any new subject, but food will be with us the rest of our lives so good habits will make a difference and if explained in a simple fashion, "Ants in Your Pants" will have done what we set out to do.


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